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I am so lost

I am currently involved with my fiance(of 3yrs), and we are nothing more that happy. We do everything together, and most importantly we have great communication. Yet, I feel like I have lost a bit of interest in him, and has replaced it with the love I had for my ex. My ex and I were together for 5 years, and we were great together also. We had a daughter but she died at birth. and after that a whole series of lies were among us during that period. He cheated on me and I forgave him because I loved him no matter what he did. And in our last two years together, he had a son on me. I was naive and hurt. and we broke up for a year. I forgave him because i needed to do it for me. Our last year together, I tried to do what was best for myself and our relationship.

Eventually, I couldn't deal with the fact that he had hurt me and I broke all ties with him. And I know that ya'll saying that I did the right thing, but he really tried to be there for me and do right by me after that.

I cut my phone off, and I never heard from him again. I missed him like crazy after that and wondered if he missed me. I tried moving on as you can tell, but my soul is in need of him. I saw his page on myspace and tried to say something out of nothing. but my words wouldn't come right. Then I realized that he is with someone and has another child i.e. a little girl. I'm not hurt over that because we're nolonger together, I just want him. I love my fiance, but I heart and soul is in love with my ex. I mean come on I cry still cause I know what I need and thats him. I am so lost without him with me.


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