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Better than Shakespeare

He was my first boyfriend.
And he was the first guy I kissed.
He happens to be the first guy I french-kissed, too.

And I was in middle school at that time.

He was my everything - my life - my angel - my baby. We started dating since January, and started kissing by March - he's a slow guy, but when he's turned on - huzzah!

Things started getting hotter and hotter. Sometimes we would go out of class, saying we need to go to the bathroom, and meet up somewhere just to have a sweet french kiss.

However, he's very shy and quiet - he doesn't like to talk much. He writes a lot, though, and loved sending me poems. They were even better than Shakespeare's...

Summer break came by - two months without him by my side!!! I tried dealing with it, and he promised me he'll take me out for a movie on my birthday, since it's in the middle of the break. Unfortunately, he never contacted me since.

He finally sent me an e-mail on my birthday, telling me how sorry he is, and said he was grounded so he couldn't contact me. He didn't even mention the movie.

A couple of days later, he was back again. But the first question he asked me was: "Do you know this girl (some name)?"

I was hurt, but I answered with a no. I started doing a litle research about her, and found her page in the net. It turned out that she was my ex's penpal.

When we came back to school, he told me he needed to talk to me about something really important - and he sounded down. I told him I would be there, but a problem distracted me at the last minute and I didn't show up.

He tried again the next day, and that time, I came. He told me he wanted to break up. Just like that, and then walked away.

Later, I found a love poem in the profile of the girl he mentioned before. In MSN, he laughed at me for being such a fool, for falling for him and everything. I was hurt again, but I didn't block him nor did I hurt him back - he blocked me.

And he still sneers on the hallway when I pass by.


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