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Would rather have a lily

To think he was the best. Some strange warmth about him regardless of his achievements. You thought he captured your heart. Thought he was the best. Until you met Mr. Right.

You will always have a piece of my heart (unknowingly how), but I am finally relieved to know that I am so over him. I will always love him, but I know things happen for a reason. I am in love with a "beyond wonderful man," (in every aspect).

But somehow, even though this man has completely "stole my heart," I still wonder of you. I realize now that I don't feel the same for you and so much differently for him (when I never thought it would ever be possible).

He treats me so well. So did you (but you always showed your "true feelings," [thought you were too good for me]).

Despite his success (way beyond yours), he treats me as if I am "number one, the best." That is very important, traveling deep withing. Yet, you are so in love with yourself, you could just never showed me how you feel, yet you did.

You say you don't care anymore. You do. I know it. I will always love you. I have tried so hard with you, but you never thought I was worth the time. You once said that you knew women "needed alot of attention." You were right. But you weren't willing to give to anyone other than yourself.

Well darlin, I am in love with "Mr. Right." A certain part will always love you, but I am done. I will always wish you the best, because to this day, I think that's all you deserve.

To this day, I still wish you felt the same. But at the same time, if you did, and had to choose, I would have to say it's the "Mr. Right," that I am now engaged to. I love you but you just couldn't see that I loved you for "you." Obviously, you were used to the "fake, little girls," and not the "REAL WOMAN I AM." Oh well, things happen for a reason and all I know now is I still love you, but I have finally found my Mr. Right. You weren't him. You proved it. But, I love you and always will.

I know I was extremely difficult, but I thought you were actually a "Man." Looking back you were like "no other." You couldn't handle me. You never encountered someone like me. You met your match and couldn't take it. Well, I finally met mine and I love him. I hope to God that you will find someone who will treat you good. (The way I would have (minus your insults that heart me deep inside). Remember though darlin, money is nice, but it doesn't make you "happy." The one I am marrying can dig in dirt or go invest his millions somewhere that excites him. But the main thing is.... he is always "happy," and doesn't insult the less fortunate. He never has to feel superior regardless of who is interacting with.

I fell for you so quickly. The first time I met you. You just blew me away. But you just had to "indirectly insult me," yet, you thought nothing of it. You admitted to your
conceitedness, but you still continued. I did think you were great and I still always will. But, you I will always consider you a "turn-off," for the way you acted, the things you said.

I am real. Money is nice only to relieve the pressure. But I am the type of person who would rather have a 'Lily," instead of a million dollars. You obviously think differently. I will love you til' the end of time. It doesn't matter now. You'll never know who this is and I am going to marry a "real person," someone who is unlike you.

Have fun with your money... I hope you are happy... I love you, but to this day, you still don't know it.

Good luck.

See ya... Love ya... Your loss.. Ba bye once and for all.


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