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Pompous Jerk

I was so in love with you. But you're mean. You are wonderful but for some reason you wanted to make me feel inferior. Never meet someone like you, but somehow fell for you the second I saw you. That has never happened to me before, never...

Since you thought I wasn't worth the hassle someone else has. Someone in your same profession, ironically same first name, 20 times more the assets than you, but the real difference is... All his money doesn't change him from being a real person. Although he has worked hard, never handed anything, he is still "Real." No arrogance at all, but always showing confidence. I had always thought you were the love of my life, until I met Rick. Rick is wonderful, he treats me wonderfully, and he is a real person showing love every minute of communication with him. He appreciates me,
never looks down on me and he has a true heart. I used to think you were the one for me.

It's true how things happen for a reason. You and I were never meant to be. But I think that this Rick might actually
be the one for me.

Good luck to you darlin. I'll be in travel for the next year. You had your chance. I begged for you, time and time again. I am a true person. Not into money. Very independent. But most importantly, a heart of True Gold. Not looking for money, rather the ambition that earns the money.

You were a pompous jerk who will always love himself more than anyone else. It's your fault you'll be alone in this lifetime, but I won't.

This note is my confirmation that I don't love you, nor need you anymore.

Good luck... Maybe your money can buy you it.


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