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I will always love him

I loved him very much and he loved me back as well...It was a long distance relationship..He was very crazy about me..he even sent me a gold ring and proposed me to marry him...it was after 1 year my parents found out about it....they spoke to him and he told them that he wants to marry me and he would do anything to marry me....however, my parents didn't like him since they think that he is not good for me and he is not educated....they demanded us to break up...we had no choice because i was 16 years old and he was 20....he told me to finish my studies and he will also go to school and work ...when he is well settled he would come and marry me...we continued to talk to each other while i was studying...my parents didn't like me talking to him...they would always say mean things about him and put him down...these things went on for 3 months...because of my parents he would get mad and do things that makes me hurt....such as:
-talk rude with me
-talk to his ex. gf who he dated for 4 months and admited to me that she is a bitch and he hates her (he would say he talks to her cuz she talks to him but he would never cheat on me)
-changed his hotmail password that i know and refuse to tell me the reason y he changed it

i would wonder why he is doing all this and cry... after 3 months he started drinking beers(which he never did b4) in front of my eyes on webcam....then he called me up saying that he is a bad guy like my parents tells me, he is no good, and i should deserve a better guy so i should listen to my parents and forget him....I asked him if he wants to break up wit me sice his ex is back....he said he hates his ex and she is a slut but i'm like a god to him...he just wanted me to be happy.....I told him many times how much i love him and care for him and that he shouldn't mind my parents ....but he kept on telling me to leave him....so here i decided to leave him....i still love him and i can't forget him..at the same time i don't want to give him trouble..i decided to give him his space...he said he would come and meet me oneday....everytime i think about him my heart beats faster and i feel like crying...i never loved any guy like i love him and i can't imagine another guy...he said he wouldn't like any other girl....he said he is just gonna put his full attention on his work and make money....he said he is not gona care about anyone else....I don't know if i will ever see him and if i ever will marry him....i'm just gona let fate to decide my life...one thing for sure I still love him and I will always love him!!!


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