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So what if you lose your pride

my heads messed up.

he dint know what he wanted and was acting strangely around me. he suggested a break but i said its all or nothing and in the end we agreed nothing so we broke up. Afterwards i did miss him and i think he missed me but because i was so stubborn that it was his loss and that i didnt need him, i started to go on with my life and meet new guys. about a month n a half later a friend ive known for years expressed his love to me one drunken night at a party and the relationship went from there. a few months in and i realized i still loved my ex and thought i should say something. my ex knew about my new bf so i text him and told him i still loved him and he told me he didnt feel the same way anymore. so i accepted it and knew i could try and move on now i knew that. a month or so later he is trying to get in touch with me non-stop. i saw him out at a club when i was with my new bf and he confessed that he had lied before and still did love me. that night he was up untill 7am ringing and texting me about how he felt. urgggh men! they can never make up their minds!
I think now ive definately moved on, even though he was my first love.
remember - don't be so proud all the time, tell him how you really feel, so what if you lose your pride at least you tried.


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