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I really fell for one of my best friends. After I asked her out a few times, we started going steady. She was the most amazing girlfriend ever. We did almost every thing together. One night out of no where I said I love you. She said it back and I felt like the luckiest guy ever. I thought we'd be together forever. Well the next day she didn't want to be with me. I was mad. I don't remember it but I guess i hit a wall or something. Thats when she "reminded" me that we weren't dating any more. I guess she broke up with me about a month before... BUT SHE FORGOT TO TELL ME. And this was my fault?!? I was heart broken. Every one else knew she had dumped me before, I was the last to find out!! But every one thought I knew so they thought I was a stalker. For about a year later I tried to apologize and make every thing better. That made my "stalker" reputation even worse. I couldn't make every thing better, I was wrong. But now she denies ever dating me, ever being friends, ever knowing me so now I'm such a terrible person. I was after a girl I've never known. And cuz she's one of the "popular girls" and I'm just me. no one cares bout what my side of the story is. I don't even care any more, dumb ass kids can think what they want. I've got some one better now


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