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We had been together for 3 years.

I started picking up on strange things. The girl he used to hate at work, starting coming up more and more in conversation. He stopped calling during his lunch hour... which I assume now, was spent talking to her. She started showing up to places where he and I had romantic dates planned.

One night I had a dream that he was cheating on me. It was tearing me up inside. I had asked once if he was interested in her, if he found something in her that he didn't have in me (why would he want to cheat on me with someone just like me). He replied "no". That was the end of my argument. We had been together 3 years, why doubt him now.

Then he stopped wanting to have sex. He stopped calling like he used too. He even started cancelling our usual date nights.

One day after a week of not seeing him, he left his phone at my house, on accident, so naturually I searched through it. There it was, plain as day, text messages and phone calls from her, talking about nights that they had spent together, and even planning nights together...

needless to say when he showed back up to my house I tossed the phone so hard at him, it hit the wall and shattered... he still denied cheating on me... saying that the plans he was making with her involved me too... "he wanted me to be there"... funny considering she and i weren't friends.

we broke up, and they started dating, a week later...


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