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If you're not "man," enough to stop your little games and confront the things you really want. Then stop with your little games. I admit you will hold my heart still til' the day I die, but I am certainly not going to wait til' the day I die to find someone to feel the same. I love you... I can't explain it... I was never that close to you, but, yet I was... I don't know what it was about you, but, something enough to make me feel something special, that I have never felt this way before. I will love you til' the day I die. But, if you think that this game will last forever.... I love you, but I need more. You don't want to be here, but then you do. I will love you until the end of time.... But if you think that you are the only one who feels for me, then you are wrong. You don't want to be by my side. You don't want to know more. Well, several others do... Will I ever feel love for them as I do for you? No.... You have my heart... But your stupid money and ego get to you more than I do. That's fine. But remember one thing.... You're lonely inside because if you weren't you wouldn't bother with this stupid little game. You know my love for you is true. I know from the things you do..... You love me too... You would think at the age you are... You'd be grown. You're not... I would love to wait for you. My heart truly only loves you. I have waited for you and waited for you.... You can play your games, hint as much as you want. What you indicate means nothing as you are not here. My heart is yours, but I won't wait to be given back what I give. Good luck. I love you forever and a day. But your games you play need to be played with someone else.


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