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I met this piece of GED trash at work. All my insticts told me this broad was trouble. Our first date she proceeded to tell me about how she cheated all over her fiance. That was because she was not sure if she wanted to be married. Makes sense. Rather then tell the poor slob, just cheat all over sorry a$$.

Needless to say I hooked up with this human debris, and of course I was going to be the Knight in shining armor to save her miserable existence. I would tell myself "she has a good heart". This chick turned out to be Glen Close on steroids. In my experience it always seems a womans jealousy is directly proportional to their cheating. I guess she felt if I was unfaithful she might as well screw whatever came her way.

Oh and what a damn liar. If you asked her what time it was you would have to give this chick a dose of truth serum just to ensure you got the right answer.

Well unlike my story telling predecessors, I got even. Yep this genital wart got what was coming to her. Not to get into too many details, but i did what she did to me and then some and threw it right back in her face. POETIC JUSTICE baby. She was destroyed. She could not believe that a guy could be capable of the same deceit and despicability as she was. To make a long story even longer... Don't dish out what you are not capable of handling.

Here's the icing on the cake. About 6 months after I just decided to cut her off she calls me up and professes her love to me and tells me she wants to see me. Meanwhile I know for a fact she is dating someone new. Rather then cause this poor bastard any misery I told her to move on and to leave me the hell alone. Whew.. That felt good.


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