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i think that is what i'm going to call this story..because it was. so me and this guy had a great friendship, it was like we were going to be together forever and i dont think i have loved anyone as much as i loved him since he left.
we were young, and had an ongoing friendship of about one year. The reason why him and i became friends was because i was dating his bestfriend and one day he just met me and instantly we were just talking and having a good time. after things went sour with my boyfriend at the time he was my support and it seemed like his only concern was for me. he finally got the guts to ask me out only for me to regect him becasue i knew that if we did go out it was going to ruin our firendship and it was something that i was not willing to jepordize. one more year went bye and he asked agian and after daiting a handfull of losers i finally accepted and i have to tell you, these were the moments that i was the happiest in my life..infact i still long for those moments ...but anyway, we dated for 2 years..and being young and hormonal after dating for like a yaer and ahalf, i finally lost my virginity to him...they say that sex either draw a couple together or it tares them apart..in this case it distroyed not only our relationship but our friendship. after a 3 months of being sexually active, i found out that he was cheatting on me for a while..so of course, that broke my heart...i left him and the last time that i spoke to him he said that he didnt know how to break the relationship and that he no longer was intrested in me because things had just gone sour ..but because he din't want to see me hurt he was just going to let the relationship linger till i got sick of dealing with it and me finally calling it quits because he felt sorry for me...(bastard)
after that, i never spoke to him agian, never saw him...and the last i heard he was in and out of jail due to a drug dependency problem...
i dont know how to feel towards him...i dont love him, and i did hate him for a long time but not anymore ...i guess if he was just a face in a crowd i wouldn't pick him out so he's nothing speacial to me anymore..but i just cant get over the fact of how he used me and then had the nerve to tell me that he felt sorry for me..seriously what the hell?....


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