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Acting dickish

Ah well, it all happened three years ago.. She bounced into my life after she was invited into an msn conversation where i slagged her off.. After the conversation i apologised and we grew closer. Eventually, i prised her off her boyfriend (of three years) at the time. It took a year i may add.. But, slowly i moved in and when they broke up i swopped in and we went out. Now, i only ever saw her a few times a week, mostly only once. This was due to distance. Something held u together, definitely love, i made many mistakes in this relationship - I chose my friends mainly over her, i was incredibly immature AKA going on about x-men.. Askin for computer games for my birthday.. The list goes on.. Eventually the relationship became so routine that i never recognisd the love anymore. In the end we split. Instantly it came back to me and the phrase "The minute they're gone you'll miss them" suddenly hit me. I was left alone.. I gave her time to think it through, she decided no.. I hit the whiskey and the cigarettes, when she learnt i was meeting a new girl, she asked me if she can rethink her idea.. She eventually decided no to us as a final, and when i told her i loved her, she claimed she loved me back and proceeded on sleeping with another guy. This broke me. I forgave her as we were single and forgot it. She did it a further two times.. This time she was asking to go back out, and this time she knew she wanted it. I was over the moon. I was completely extatic, against all my friends and family's words of leaving her completely i had triumphd and won her back. When i went to meet her, about half an hour later she said that it was different.. She broke up with me. And i was left screwed once more. I could of prevnted all this and still be with her and still be loved.. If only i had sat back and realised how dickish i was acting. But, as you do, Life goes on, :) And i'm feeling fine. Just, at least a good came out of the break up, i know how to treat a girl in future.


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