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Out of the blue

I was best friends with this guy for a while. We talked all night long, giving eachother advice and I truly thought I could trust him. He was the sweetest guy ever, and I slowly started to realize I actually liked him. We were IMing eachother one night, when I said,"I like somebody..." And he said,"Me too!! So who do you like?" I replied,"I actually like you." And he fessed up and admitted he liked me too.

We were together for only a month. He treated me like gold, and I truly cared for him. Out of the blue, he walked up to me at school and says,"Hey... I don't really like you anymore. Not even as a friend. I just can't stand you." And he walked away. I never knew why he broke up with me. But it hurt so bad to know that I lost him as a friend. Now, I'm with the best guy in the world. Actually, this new guy and my ex don't get along at all... only because my ex realizes he misses me and can see I am happier now.


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