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I met this man via myspace approx. 3 months ago. He told me he was divorced, had 2 kids. He moved in with me just after x-mas & told me he was laid off from his job for the winter. A few weeks ago, I get up & go to work like anyother day, kiss him goodbye, he tells me have a good day. I'm at work & 2 hours later my daughter calls me & tells me he's not there. So I leave work early & come home to find he packed all his things & left. No note, phone call or nothing. I find out from his brothers, he's in fact still married, has 4 kids from all different women, he doesn't support any of his kids, his license is revoked, he lies, cheats & doesn't care about anyone but himself. Obviously I didn't know any of this. He lied to me about everything. I had done a background check on him online when we first started dating & it came back with nothing, so I thought I was ok. Thankfully he never got anything financially out of me. Just broke my heart & trust. He is back with his wife at the moment, but will more than likely leave her when he get's sick of things.


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