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Oh boy, is this one a doozie. Well, I started dating my ex bf late in my senior year of high school, one of my good friends actually introduced me to him so that he could be my date for the senior prom ( apparantly my friend and her mother thought it was their moral obligation to make sure I was not the only dateless one of of my friends for prom) and we hit it off right away. He called me every day and couldnt stop saying how pretty or sweet I was. It was wonderful and amazing and within a month after we met we started going out. He seemed like the perfect ( well, almost perfect) boyfriend. He thought I was gorgeous, he liked spending time with me, he even came over and cooked me birthday dinner for my 19th birthday( he went to Votech school to become a chef before he changed his career path). And I thought he was absolutely adorable. I couldnt believe I was so lucky.

However, like every ex story ever, the red flags started to appear.
The first one happened in December, right before Christmas ( and about 7 months after we started dating). He was big into snowboarding ( part of his "bad ass" persona), and told me he was going with a "couple of the guys" to the mountain to go snowboarding. Then his sister rats him out and informs me that he is taking his ex gf ( who he never wanted to talk about when discssing past relationships and who cheated on him and his entire family hates) up snowboarding ALONE. After I heard this of course I was very upset, she was his first serious gf and I had at times suspected maybe he still had feelings, but after his sister told me I went up to him before I left and said "so, looking forward to going snowboarding with the guys tomorrow?" and he said " yup! I cant wait". lied RIGHT to my face.
At this point I was super pissed, but it was right before Christmas so I did not want to break up beforehand and make Christmas miserable for everyone so i broke it off with him after Christmas.

From there on out it was on and off for 2 1/2 years. He would tell me he would change, and then it never happened ( he would be super sweet for a month or so, then back to being a jerk). To avoid a five billion page story, here is a breakdown of some of the following events that drove me to break it off with him in the end.

1. spent both of our yearly anniversaries with OTHER girls, the first year he spent it with his friend because he " had to take her to her school dance because he promised he would last year" and the second year he took his EX GF( different one from the first time we broke up) to her sister's wedding because " I promised I would go with her as her escort when you and I were fighting". Both times spent a buttload of money on the event,s hotel rooms, etc. and NEVER did ANYTHING for our anniversary. {note: Both girls wanted to get in his pantsat some point in time}

2. I found out my father had cancer twice... both times I called him hysteircally crying and both times I got "well, you can come over later if you want im going out drinking with the guys. Maybe like... 12 am?".

3. I found out through brekaing into his myspace ( I had suspected something was amiss) that he had been emailing back other girls and flirting with them, saying " I want to **** you you;re so hot". Besides this being extremely upsetting since we were physically intimate, the slut was 17 years old!!!( and yes, looking at the messages she sent my ex and the way her myspace pics were laid out, I can safely call you slut with little regret). When I asked ihm about it I got " well im a flirt and I was drunk when i wrote that so you cant blame me for it, you know how I am". there were other girls he made passes on too, using his "ultra smooth pick lines" such as " you, me, a bottle of Jack, and all the things we could do".
( and his spelling sucks because he doesnt take school seriously because he never goes because he is a total low life and will be 23 this year and has not even graduated FREAKING 2 YEAR COMMUNITY COLLEGE!!! I am almost done with 4 year college AND will probably start my masters before the moron even finishes county!)

4. He would constnatly get angry at me for going to parties, drinking, even smoking half a ciggarette when I only drank on accasion while he was an alcoholic 1/3 of the relaitonship and drank with other girls right in front of me ( Irish car bombs, shots, the usual) and then yelled at me for sipping a beer ( side note: I am the most "striaht edge person you have ever met, I can count the number of " parties" I have been to on two hands and still have fingers left over, and I hardly drink either. Tried smoking half a cigg once and never touched one since). However, he went to parties and got drunk and smoked PACKS of ciggarettes every weekend with his buddies. Never took me to parties with him but took all his female gal pals ( probably all 17! haha who knows).

3. Would make comments like " why would I go to a strip club aand pay 40$ to see a naked girl when I could have one for free at home?" as we were eating our 15$ total meal * skip ahead an hour later* drops me off at home with his parents, goes to the stripclub with his friends and pays 45$ for a lapdance.

4. Never put pics of us up on his myspace or facebook. (this was because, later one when i broke in, he was telling other girls that he was sinlge and that " he could always make time for them"). I always felt I was never good enough for him and thats why he never made our relationship public online.Turns out he was really a cheating scheming SOB! Many people have told me I am beautiful so his opinion no longer matters.

5. Caught him trying to post an ad under Craigslist's "casual encounters" column while in Florida with his family ( I didnt have to hack that one, the dumb ass left his computer on with his email right there so when I went on to check my mail it was right there!)

He always told me I was "the only girl he was with". and that he "loved me" and wanted to "marry me someday". It was fighting and hooking for over half the time we were together. Yuck!!!! stupid lies!! All of them! He just said what I wanted to hear and I bought it. Looking back at this entire list, hes the biggest moron ever. But sometimes you put the love goggles on and everything goes rosey! I am a "nice" person by definition Isupposed and his family LOVES me and I was like a "safety" net because he knew i would never cheat or whatever, but in the meantime wanted more from other girls. Thank God not all men are like him or I would just sign myself up to be a nun!

the list goes on and on. If anything I am the moron for staying with him so long, but he was my first boyfriend and because I had given him my heart I thought maybe we could work things out. But yes, in my opinion he is the scumbag of the universe, so that is my story. If any woman sees a guy like this, RUN AWAY!!!!

that is my ex story.


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