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I want to erase him from my memorie so I can let him go. when I was 17 I went to a party and a friend from my work I invited to come and hang out so she could come meat my group of friends. I pulled up and she just arived. she brout her brother and his best friend. I thought her brother was so cute and she interduce me to them I said hi to her brother and then hi to his best friend he looked me in my eyes end said hi. I got this weird felling in my chest when I said hi to him and he kinda freaked me out. Then we all went inside the party.The guy keep following me around the hole nite so I went outside on the pourch. 5 minnuits later he came out there by me and was like I got some girls numbers from down stairs and I said oh really can I see them cuz I new everyone there and he showed me it and it was one of my guy friends numbers and tesed him about it. then he got a little to tipsy after that and my friends kicked them out. about 2 weeks later my friend from work asked me if I would like to come over and watch a movie with her and her brother. I was like sure cuz I thought the brother was really cute. so she was like ill pick u up tonight. so she called me later on and said she was on her way to come get me.A car pulled up and I went outside to get in the car she wasnt in there and her brother wasnt in the car either it was just her brothers best friend.It was a total set up so I got in the car we went to his house and watched a movie I felt so stupid he was majorly flirting with me but I wasnt giving him the time of day. so he took me home. I was like what was that about. then it was my friend from works 20th birthday. We all hung out and drank and danced. I started talken and becoming better friends with the guy partying more with him and we ended up hooken up. he always maid me fell like I was soo special he would do anything for me.He treated me like a princess.The thing was we were all young and always partying.Me and him were like rabits if u know what i mean.I sarted getting really crabby with him and pushing him away. I didnt know why i was felling this way it was like major PMS and for some reason guys just anoy me when im PMSing.So i basicly pushed him away with my mixed signils. I was sad and my drinking got worse. one of my good guyfriends ended up asking me out out of the blue. I never expected it and I was sad about not being with will call him M any more so I said yes to him. It was terrible. I totally was just using him to make M jelous and it worked. My best friend had her birhtday party and M was there he came up to me and said he was so stupid for letting me get away I told him I didnt want to talk about it. That mad me so upset. I ended up getting really drunk after he left like black out drunk. He would call me all the time and i would go hang out with M and he was trying everything in his power to get me back i was such a bitch i loved the atention. well the guy i was dating then i never called or spent time with ended up braking up with me because of all the reasons i just said. I was sad cuse i was basicly just using a good friend to make M jelouse. About 2weeks later i started bleeding saverly i had to go to the hospitale. I had a miscarige.I was three months preagnent. I got so depresst after that my drinking got worse that was all i did.I coulnt tell M i didnt know how he would react. me and him got back together. He was even more picture perfect this time cuse he didnt want to lose me. things were going through my mind about how i never told him my secreat about what happend i sarted getting resentment tourd him for getting me preagnent and i thought it was my falt cause i drank all the time so i started pushing him away agein. he was really working hard at trying to hold us togeter and he was getting out of the party stage and wanted to seatel down more but thats all i wanted to do was party. he was stugling with me. we ended up splitting up agien i was 20 by this time. I was soo depresst. I mist him every day and what did i do to drownd my fellings. Drank.Then i turned 21 wow i coulnt stay sobar for a week. I ended up dating this guy i was friends with. It was a drunken hook up. He was the complete opisite of M. He never took me out to eat got me anything special and never had a job out of the two years we dated. well i was dating him i found out that M had a girlfriend and he ended up getting her preagnent. I was devistated. My hole world came crashing down. M would call me once ina wile but i would never answer. my drinking got so bad i hite rock bottum.I couldnt take it anymore i was about to give it all up. I gained about 30 pounds i looked like a train reck.I ended up seeking help. i went to rehab. I have now been sobar for 10 months now and lost 50lb i look amazing and fell great. About a week ago my friend called me and asked me if we wanted to go to walmart to go shopping and i said sure.for some reason I had this gut felling that i had to get dolled up so i did. We were in the cookie ial and i was pushing the cart when I got this weird felling in my chest like when i first met M no joke. It was like a movie slow moe i looked up and there he was rite in front of me i was like oh crap. We maid small talk how r u what u shoping for i interduced him to my friend and said he was an old friend and rite after that he was like well ill see ya and patted me on my hip boune. Im 23 now just for the record. I thought id fell like ha ha i look glamorous now. But its not like that. I know he always thought i was beautiful. Even when i was heavy during my worst drinking staige i remember i was wasted and called him cuse i was in the area and he was there in not even 5 minuites. And i was all waisted and crying saying how fat and ugly i got and he was like oh come on now u r still beautiful.I dont know out of the 7 years i known him i still love him the same and ever sence i seen him i cant stop thinken about him and it hurts. I lost so much cuse of my drinken and it hurts. I wish I had a time machine but dont we all.


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