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He was an idiot

So where do i start, I was dating this guy who i really! did like alot. Things where going good, but started to go downhill after a few months. I don't know why i didn't just walk away, well i do * i think*. We started to get into fights, just words an then it went to physically hurting eachother. I asked him to help me with dinner, but i wouldn't ever get any help so i started to give up an not even cook dinner anymore for him. The pot smoking got to me, like once in awhile it didn't bother me, but when it came to him smoking it everyday! 10 times a day and then telling me he's going out to drive with a few of his girlfriend an smoke, that totaly got me. And then the phone calls started, the random text msgs from girls who lived states away from us, VERY SKETCHY, that made me soo sick to my stomach, but i was stupid and stayed with him even after that. I was a great! girlfriend, i did everything, i cleaned his house, did his laundry, cooked him dinner, but i guess it wasn't good enough. He had nice friends, an i think thats mostly why i stayed with him *stupid huh* but anyways... i finally! used my brains an got rid of him after being physically and mentally hurt.. I asked him to leave me alone, an we did stay friends for like 2 weeks, untill he got a new girlfriend. Don't you love when someone tells you that they love you sooo much, but you can be replaced within weeks, they obviously were lieing to you...
soo i asked for my things back from his house, an he has the nerve! to bring his girlfriend over my house to beat the crap out of me, which didn't happen cause she didn't get out of the car. but she did keep calling my cell phone, screaming at me.. and once she called to tell me i was right, that the guy i was dating was an idiot *lol* soo i had to call him one day, to ask him for help (he told me no matter what, dating or not i could call him for help if i really needed it *BS*), because my father was in the hosp. dieing, an i had no ride there, our car was broke, well his gf got on the phone cursed me off an hung up, so did he.
soo i said whatever, time went by, i got over him totaly! cause i know he's a loser.. i met a new man, who treats me soooo good! who i'm in love with and we plan on getting married. Now my ex calls me! haha i guess thinking i'll forgive him?? since his girlfriend slapped him at a wedding, an left him. Now he just uses her i assume.

Yeah! that's my ex lol pretty messed up relationship.


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