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I stalk him

well i was so attracted to this guy the end of senior year, he was such a good catch , smart, athletic,religious,and had common sense i thought...we talked and dated for a month, before i spent the summer at college,(fast-foreward)when i got back things got messy..he caught me cheating twice..(i really didnt cheat but i really had no evedince on my side) after that we just dissconnected, and i got depressed...i love him soooo much, and he used me, me drove my car asked for money and anything else..cause ifelt so guilty..

andyways he broke up with me in a text message..while i was at work.and ripped off an usher song.. right now we trying to be friends but he still using me..i cant say ni i need him around..im addicted...

also im really crazy.. and i stalk him..i know all his information and all his family likes me and im trying my hardest not to be a crazy ex-girlfriend but i am , and im afraid if i allow him to get me anymore upset or lead me on anymore im donna go off the deep end..and screw up his life..i know its not right but..he should have known i was gonna be crazy....


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