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I started to date my ex right before I left for college. We continued long distance for 4.5 years; seeing each other on breaks and long talks, emails, text messages, etc. My favorite thing was falling asleep on the phone together, ridiculous I know. Things were great when it was just the two of us but add other people to the mix and crash. He didn't interact with my friends well, we were always with his friends. Racist comments would be made and I would stand up for my beliefs (that those comments have no place) and be hushed for it. Then there was the feeling of never being secure. I'd had enough of asking for things that I needed repeatedly and then there was the conversation. The one that let me know he wanted me to pick between him and working in medicine. He told me that if I chose that than I wouldn't be with him. He never fought for me or supported me. Then I made a stupid decision and thought we could just be friends. It was fine for awhile, until I met a group of people at a bar for a drink and to hang out. One of his friends started telling a bar full of people I had never met that I had numerous STD's. I tried to stop him and that didn't work then I asked my ex to say something. His response, "He's drunk, just ignore him." I tried to be the bigger person; he'd always made comments about my not being able to control my anger around his friends and causing scenes. Except then his friend thought that it was "okay" to grab my crotch. I left the bar immediately without saying anything to anyone because I was so angry and it was either that or cause a HUGE scene. The response was a phone call bitching me out for leaving so abruptly. I never got an apology or "I'll take care of this" from my ex. He has let me down completely and yet I still care. Months later, and I still care; I actually thought of trying again. I know it will never work! I miss being with someone enough to the point that I still consider him.


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