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My ex making me jealous over his ex.....

I dated me ex-boyfriend (he is 60, I am 58) for 2-1/2 years until about three months ago. During that relationship, he was constantly talking about his second ex-wife, sneaking out to parking lots to return her calls, deliberately trying to make me jealous by saying things like, "You know I can't say "no" to Michele", telling friends in front of me and in Xmas cards, "Michele wanted the divorce, not me."

He had to go Scotland for his ex-mother-in-law's memorial service (she had passed away three years ago). He had "to be there for Michele" because she didn't have any other immediate family in the U.S. (She has been in two relationships since their break-up. One was the reason for the divorce.

The last straw was when he told me he had to go to Michele's house for a party because her cousin came to AZ from New Zealand for a visit. I told him that was it!!

So to retaliate, he found another girl to date immediately that lives directly behind him. He wriggles his way into a girl's life by doing a lot of handyman type jobs for her, taking her on cruises and trips, etc. and makes her feel she is the greatest thing that has ever happened in his life.

He called me and begged me if we could still be friends. I had text messaged him several weeks after that asking him for a favor of some sort. He came over and told me, "Pam doesn't want you to text message me anymore."

I couldn't believe my ears. Whether she actually said that or not I don't know, but he wanted to get back at me that way because he knew I couldn't get him to stay away and not talk about Michele for the whole time we were dating. He wanted me to know that Pam got him to stay away from me and ignore me after that short of time.

I realized 10 minutes after I told him to get the heck out of my house that he had set me up for the explosion I had. He plays one against the other. It has taken me two months, not to get over him, but to get over the anger from that, but I now realize he is into game-laying, lying to one girl about another, mind games, control, and jealousy.

Why do men play mind games? The same reason why cats play with their prey before they eat it, for the sick thrill of watching them squirm. It also means that they have some mental instability as well as some control issues.

The funny part is I always knew he was not the guy for me, he is very dependent and I am very independent.

This felt good to get it off my chest.


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