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he was the only other guy i went out with after my first love. he was a football player, and rele smart too. we were in every class together and he was cute. it started out were i thoguht he liked me on my first day of high school. as it truned out i was right. and i fell in love. but then again anyone could. including my best friend. she liekd him aswell as me. and she told me tht if he asked me out i HAD to say yes
and well he asked me out i said yes.
we went out for bout a month and i went on my frist double date ever. i ended up hooking up my best friend and his best frien up. ahhaah
well we had alot in common and i was in love. and falling in love aftering having my heart broken for the first time was amazing. and i was head over heels over him. and well i told him and he said i was his first love! i was so happy
i was talking to him over instant messaging. and he broke up with me. my life came spiraling down.
i went insane and started cutting myself. and i felt alone
he broke my already broken heart. and i vowed never to date again. 2 weeks later i found another guy. ahahaah
and we started going out. bout a month into the relationship he asked me to marry him...and me not knowing wat to say said yes. i mean i did lvoe him at that moment. but it soon didnt last. and now man number one is bak into the picture. and well....i hav given up. i dont kno wuh to do nemore.


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