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"Craig" is back in jail again

Well while driving around, with my best friend Jen* and her boyfriend BJ*, we decided to stop by and pick up my ex Jacob* but he wasnt there. One of their friends Craig* wanted to come so the four of us continued our driving around town. Chris was drunk and totally flirting with me but I just tried to stay away from him because I thought he was weird. The next day him and BJ* call me asking if my friend and I wanted to go driving around. BJ* wanted to know if we could take my moms car cause his broke down.

Well through the next couple of weeks me and Craig* started dating and he started getting real possesive even though I was ALWAYS with him. I mean from dawn til dusk. About 2 months down the road my friend Nikki* and me went to his house and he was drinking. I told him I had to take Nikki* home and probably would go home after that. He said no and said he was coming so he knew I would come back. I drop Nikki* off and he begs me to let him drive so I did like an idiot. He takes off to a different town!!! I am going out of my mind by this point. We see someone walking like at 2 am and he asks him if he wants a ride....TO A DIFFERENT TOWN. I went crazy and scared that guy away. Somewhere in the middle of the night I get out cause he starts scaring me and he takes off makes a u-turn comes back and says "say i never hit you" I was like wtf?! I told him once I find a house I am calling the cops. So he takes off again. I finally get to a house about 4-5 am and they let me use the phone. I call his house cause I am good friends with his sister and tell her what happened and her cousin takes off and comes to get me. We get back and I call and report the car stolen. He shows up (without my car) with the keys and goes to his room. The cops show up and they tell me I shouldnt have let him drive and they couldnt do anything since I let him. They get him to tell them where the car is and I go home. His ex was there and told me how I am lucky cause he use to hit her and stuff. Well not 1 month after we break up they get to gether and he goes to jail for beating her up. He gets out convinces me he has changed, we get back together. But then he started acting the same way so I dumped him. I was lucky he wasnt one of those stalker type ex boyfriends. Now I am married to a wonderful man who treats me so great. And Craig* is in jail again.


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