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Had to move on

We dated for about 4 and a half months and things were going really well then he suddenly turned into a very big loser. He'd always admit that he was high on pot on our dates and then one night he asked me if I would remind him to call his ex girlfriend and he even used a cute little nickname for her...he was calling to check up which I didn't mind-i'm not the jealous type but then we went to his friend's BBQ where we both planned to do a little drinking. We had the agreement that if we both drank, no matter how much or how little we thought, we would leave his car there and take a cab home. He was intoxicated and wanted to drive home with his own car and I said "no, let's take a cab, hun" and he gets livid with me in front of his friends and says, "IF I KNEW YOU WANTED TO TAKE A CAB HOME, I WOULD HAVE DRANK MORE". I was pissed. Anyway it blew over and I stood my ground. We went back to my place, we made out and then we had sex but I was a virgin and he held my arms down above my head and all of a sudden was really rough..he wouldn't let me even touch him. When that was done, he rolled over, slept (which I guess is normal for some guys) held me down again and relieved himself again and then no shorter than 5 minutes later, he had to go home (at 4 Am?). Anyway, I offered for him to stay the night but he had to go. Pfft. Did I mention that the next time I saw him, he was really aloof and high on pot and when we were snuggling on the couch, he started making fun of my boobs and telling me how I should dress, that I don't dress nice enough. Well anyway, I broke up with this jerk 10 days later on the 4th of July when he was on the beach with his buddies. I couldn't wait any longer. It was difficult to let someone down but I had to move on.


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