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Stabbed painting

So, I have this ex boyfriend, right? We were together for about 9 months total. And it was a great relationship at first. He was sweet, and he liked me as I was. But slowly, he became more and more possessive over me. It got to the point, where he called me in the morning when I woke up to make sure I was going to school, (Because if I didn't go to school, he would come over to my place to hang out,) and then I'd go to school. He'd come up at lunch to spend 45 minutes with me, and then he'd text my phone until the end of my classes, when he'd come pick me up to take me home. He would stay at my house until about midnight every night. Heaven forbid if I should ask him to leave early! He would freak out and start making a huge issue out of me not wanting him around. Finally, about 5 months into our relationship, I got pregnant.

Of course, I thought being pregnant, things would change, but I was wrong. He only started being more possessive, and more agressive. Especially in bed. Which, eventually, led to my having a miscarriage.

Over the next couple of months, he slipped into some bad habits, most of which pertained to losing jobs, trying to use the internet to scam people out of their money, and keeping tabs on every aspect of my life. He began checking my emails, my voice mails, my text messages, watching everything I did and everyone I knew. It got to the point where I had no friends anymore, because they dodn't wan't to talk to him in place of me. Finally, at the end of nine months of being together, I broke up with him. He did NOT take it well.

For four months he stalked me, and harrassed me, as well as my new boyfriend, all the while he had a new girlfriend. Despite this woman who loves him so much, he was still completely obsessed over me, and angry that I had left him. So, only a week ago, he took a painting I had done for him when we were still together, stabbed it about 8 times, and threw it in my driveway, claiming that he was simply "giving back" what i had "Dishonestly" given him. Well, that day, I went to the police, they went down and had a talk with him, and he hasn't contacted me since.


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