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He Cheated, Lied and I Caught Him

Me and my ex were together for three years. We started dating when i was 15 and he was 17... for the first year and a half, we were so in-love. We spent everyday together, and we never fought. Then he started going out to bars and hanging out with his guy friends and things started to go down hill. He started acting like it was annoying to kiss me hello and goodbye. I was so blinded. I didnt think anything of it, he still told me everyday he loved me and we still spent alot of time together. I never cared that he went out with his friends, i always just told him, to call if he needed anything, and he did.

Then when i started to do the same things as him, he got very jealous and mad, and we starting fighting more. And i didnt want to fight so i would hold back from going out just to make him happy,...i'd do anything to make him happy. I started to be a little suspicous, so i checked his emails and his voicemails daily. And for a couple weeks there was nothing...(thats cuz he was deleting them) There was one emial from his sister-in-laws sister, calling him babe and things like that. Me being blinded didnt think a thing of it, cuz i loved him and he "loved" me. So he calls me one day crying (out of guilt) but says that hes depressed cuz he doesnt know what he wants out of life and crap like that .. but i, at the time didnt see it as a sign of guilt, i just wanted to be there to make him feel better.

So not to later down the line we are at his best friends house drinking and having a good time, when him and his best freinds girl freind is drunk. I walk in on him cheating on me. So we broke up and after that the stupid person that i am, i took him back, but not for long. I guess i just needed to stick around a few more days to get my closure. So we officailly ended things, and had a decent conversation about our relationship and all the good and bad about it. We became friends untill......he started dating his sister-in-laws sister a.k.a. "J" That broke my heart the most because he wasted three years of my life when he he knew he wanted to be with her from the beggining of "us"


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