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my ex-boyfriend was the love of my life we were together everyday non-stop jus so in love.we argued like every other couple but after a while the arguing became rediculous. I wanted to hate him and jus get a way from him but at the same time i was soo deep in love with him that it made me do some crazy things. i made a mistake and cheated on him.:( and from there things got worse. Me and him had terrible arguments callin each other every name in the book and i realized i only looked immature and childish. i had loved this boy with all of my heart and told him every last deepest darkest secret i had. & he had been jus so heart broken fer everything i had done and i understand i love him more then anything in this world even still todayi talk to him and it is so hard knowing that i cannot take my mistakes back and prove to him he is my one and only....he has a daughter now and supports her very well. i love him do much and if i keep believing....fate will come and put things in ,y life in to place how they should be.


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