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Well forged friendship

I began dating her in 2001, and we began living together in mid-2002. Things could not have been better. We had a deep understanding and mutual respect for one another. Love soon developed, on many levels.
However, after three and a half years together, we began growing apart. It seemed that over time, we had changed as individuals, thus, changing our "us". (While on the surface this may sound shallow, please understand 1) when we started dating she was 19, I was 27 (both freshman in college), 2) we had both relocated to a much larger university and were introduced to new people, new ways of thinking, and such.)
In February 2005, we amicably decided that we should not be together. there was no animosity or ill will, whatsoever; moreover, there was a feeling of contempt knowing that the other was not happy, but this way one day could be.
Fast forward now almost three years. We didn't talk for the better part of the first year, then casually (but only when we had a reason). Now, we are quite friendly and have been together socially without too many awkward feelings.
I am so very in love her still that it hurts to think of the time wasted apart. I maintain that, for the greater good, it was the right decision, but I have never stopped caring. There is a special place in my heart for her, as I imagine there always will be. In time, perhaps we will try again, perhaps not. She still talks with my mother and sister, whom she grew rather close to, and still asks about my father and other family. We have a genuine friendship, built on time and trust, that is difficult to forge and seems near-impossible to break.
That being said, I love her more now than I ever have before.


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