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I Can't Trust Her - She Cheats

My girlfriend has strung me along for weeks. She had oral sex with a friend of hers twice within two weeks and lied to me. She kept it from me until a week or so after the lst incident thinking that I would have flipped out and left her. She has sworn that nothing else happened but I'm almost positive that she actually had sex with him and is lying to me to preserve what we have. In her defense, she has stated that, although she wanted to have sex with the guy, he decided they should wait the first time, and they ran out of time the second time. She even told me that she told him to go buy condoms.

This girl means alot to me. We had an open relationship and when I found out about her little trist I had one of my own with another girl. I hated it, told her I did and apologized. She forgave me. The really f'd up part of this is that she told me that the friday after thanksgiving she was going to have sex with the friend. I finally wrangled her into a committed relationship to prevent her from doing it. She said she doesn't want to lose me over it and would give him up for me.

I'd love to know what REALLY happened on Halloween, the first time they were together. I can't really trust her anymore.

It's kind of a twisted set-up.


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