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Heart horribly broken

the one i hate but also love

my ex was my everything
we met like 3 years ago, online
we were friends for about a year then
we got really close and talked on the phone everyday
for like as long as we could
i could never tell him how i really felt
i loved him witha ll my heart and he was my everything
we never fought never agued unless it was about who loved who more!

then he went to his cuzs for 2 weeks and we didnt talk at all
as soon as he got home he called and started crying
and said he thought i was going to leave him
when then he said !!i love you!! we sudenly got closer
and things were really good a long diss relastion ship is working
months after
school started up and he moved and had to go to a new school

there he met a girl named faith the one of few friends he had, all his friends were girls

but i didnt worri
untill he started fighting with me about dumb stuff
then i noticed that not being there with him made a big differance

and then that day came he broke up with me
and became the ass he was
rude not caring nothing
he had his new girl to make out with and everything

i wasnt good enoguh in the end
and i accepted it after a while
but i pushed him and made him hate me
we could of been bff like we were
but my faulit i did it

now i havnt talked to him in ever
he is the type to not care and just move on
and everything

i still love him till this day and love him
all i want is for him to be ahppy and love his life for what it is and nowing him being with someone else made him happy made me too but as to this day im heartbroken
by a boy that stole my heart
and broke it in the most horrible day

i want to be friends but my selfish self ruined that
of course i mad e it like this

but ill alwaysa love him


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