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I'm Obsesed with my Ex

iam in love with my ex boyfriend, well i know u guys will think this is a little crazy, but im in love with him even though he lefted me for another girl but i still stuck around cause i promised that i would never levae him no matter what. well we still talk and stuff like that and rigt now we are even friends. well when we frist meant was on the internet, march 1st ,, and when i meant him i was so happy! i mean we got along great,, but i didnt want to get too attched guys cause i was scared of getting hurt, i was even scared to fall in love with him but it happened ,i started to fall in love with him 3 months when we were together, he made me feel so alive and just so free, that i could act like myself and didnt have to worry about impressing him cause i know he also loved me too.. and i know he still does.

i talked about other guys to throw him off of me and that was my mistake. and i regret it so much and if only he knew that.. i nkwo hes with that other girl but i want him back cause iam in love with him and i know that for sure. i hope he reads this and mybe he would understand whati mean and what i feel for him,,,.. sometimes i try to forget about him and i know i cant casue hes all in my head, every memory, every dream i have he is in it.i just will never leave him. im so proud of him so much.hes everything in a guy i love even thou hes not prefect but hes prefect to me.. he never has to change himself for me cause i nkow ill always love how and who he is... i just love him so much! and i think he is too. and i hope he tells me too.


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