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I loved this boy. He sat by me and flirted so much! When he finally asked me out I said yes in an instant. We went to a baseball game, and he came to my 13th birthday party. I felt great to have him. Then, I was told of all the girls he had been flirting with, and watching then dance, and out of hate, I broke up with him. I made a big mistake though.Then, the next day he went out with my best friend, who made me brake up with him. For the next year he constantly flirted with me, but told me multiple times who he liked, my best friends. He also told me that I liked him. He was leading me on so much, and he knew it! He after that went to the movies with me and totally flirted. I knew he actually didn't like me though. So that meant that he never really liked me when I went out with him. I was also told that he regretted ever going out with me, but he still continues to flirt. I haven't been able to get over him for like a year, and his never ending hugs don't help. My best friend now is telling him my life.And recently he has been ignoring me, probably because he knows everything. He is pretty mad. Now I don't get hugs, and I don't get talked to much, and he took me off his myspace. Now I can't even look at him without crying.


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