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Two hamsters on a wheel

This is a tale not so much of my ex-boyfriend, but of his ex-girlfriend. She was always a looming presence in our relationship, sometimes weaker at times, and stronger at times. I met my ex while he was in the sticky end stages of breaking up with her. I thought he would completely cut her off once he realized the new relationship he had in front of him. I was so wrong. For a year and a half, he kept having sex with her and me at the same time even though she was long distance. I didn't know for sure until we were breaking up. I'm sure the ex-girlfriend never knew about me.

I finally broke it off with him b/c he would not agree to stop having sex with her. I felt as if I was finally stepping out of the way for these two dysfunctional people to be together again without having me in the way. A couple of months after the breakup, he came crawling back to me saying that I am the only person he wants to be with. He said his ex was not even an option b/c he doesn't love her anymore. In his words, he had "nowhere to turn". I didn't take him back.

Now, two years later, she and he are still together. She is just as naive and clueless about his ways. She never found out about me, but I've had to live with the agony of her existence every single day. She is so happy with him, never knowing that her "perfect man" fell in love with another woman all the while he was still whispering sweet nothings in her ear.

I wouldn't trade places with her in a heartbeat. I despise my ex, and don't respect him as a man at all. I wouldn't want to be her- not knowing he's cheated. Plus, he doesn't love her; he's afraid to break-up with her b/c she was his first girlfriend.

Although I am completely unconnected to them anymore, I can't help but be plagued by her. I've never even met the girl (only seen pictures). I am still so bitter that she got to keep him. Even after 2 years, even after he swore he didn't love her, they are two hamsters on a wheel, too afraid to let a loveless relationship die. I guess I just hate thinking that she won. Congratulations. You've won a man who doesn't respect you.


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