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He shot me in the chest

When I first started dating I thought there was no way that it could be bad. I was only 14 years old. Boy was I ever so wrong. The first one turned out be an obsessive abusive control freak. I was beaten none stop especially if I talked to anyone. I remember that one time there was this time when he had an unopened can of soda right in front of him. He told me to open it and to pour some in his mouth. I told him he could do that himself, for that he beat me so badly I was hospitalized for 2 months and when I got out I had to go through physical therapy. My ex apologized for it and I accepted it and continued dating him. There wasn't any beatings for 1 1/2 month after the therapy but soon after he would just beat me for any reason like he wanted to hit something or he just had a bad day. After every beating he apologized and I just easily forgave him. After going out with him for two years I went in and out of the hospital more than the doctors and nurses themselves. The last time he sent me to the hospital while we were going out I came to my senses especially since I had to go through surgery. The day I got out I met him and told him that we were through. The last thing I remember that day was that he suddenly whipped out a gun and shot me in the chest. I woke up 1 year later from life support. It took me forever to trust males again but I am now engaged to be married in a week to marry a man I have been dating for the past 6 years. He is the sweetest thing on earth. He supports me in every way and he completely respects all things about me.


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