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Very sick man

Unfortunately, I am 44 years old and my story is pathetically similiar. My Ex, Chi@, is going to be 51 years old, a respected man with a nice job (Computer Programmer). We dated for almost a year, we loved each other more than words could tell. He drank and couldn't handle any kind of conflict and had poor coping skills to handle resolution. He would tell me that certain women were just his friends, and then when he was drunk, he would admit that they had been lovers, but it was now over. He was still seeing his ex-wife, even though he told me he hated her. He finally said he couldn't handle my jeolousy, I tried to tell Chi$ it wasn't my jeolousy, it was his dishonesty that was the core of the issue. Finally three months ago, after I had been out of state for a few days, I found that he had been to the website Adult Friend Finders ( a website where people hook-up just for sex, either on-line or in-person), he flipped out and denied it. Though I've begged to work it out and have us both go to counseling, he's been abusive. He has called the police on my several times if I even try to call him! The police are extremely tired of his Crazy Mary hysterics and usually just go to his house in Baypo#t and calm him down. A few weeks ago this formally wonderful man (who had asked me to marry him) told me he wished I'd commit suicide and do him a favor, and that if he could get away with it he'd come to my house and beat my head in with a baseball bat!!! I did not call the police on him for threatening to kill me.

Please pray for me because, I believe that this sweet man is very sick or a closeted homosexual.


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