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please girls be aware

this guy met me on Orkut...after some communication we spoke to each other as he was my best pal's junior...4th day he proposed me .. for marriage... and after a fortnight he travelled all the way to see me...as i really trusted him ....we stayed together at my place for 2 days ...we sat whole night chatting to each other and do not know when fall asleep....when got up .. we were so close that i could feel his breath and heartbeats ..... it was the moment when we came closer and made love....crossed the limit.. he could make it out that it was my first physical relation... he said i gave him what he wanted in life... he told about his past relations with 4 girls and siad he never had satisfaction as they were not virgin....he left the other day.. we were in touch through messages mails and calls... just after 10-15 days if this episode .. suddenly stopped responding to my mails, messages and calls ... i could see his orkut account active again and him communicating the same way as he did with me with other girls.. i got mad... i messaged him and got a reply "i am travelling outstation for an important meeting"....i checked for its genuineness.. he was not travelling .. he was in his home town and was flirting around with another girl ... i left it like that.. but cried a lot...when he did not receive my call / message / mails ... He contacted me and asked why i am doing so... and i got mad .. i told he is a lier... he did not say anything but after 3 hours ...he sent message to me that what ever he does.. where ever he goes... to whomever he meets.. i will not find another "you".. i am really in love with him.. can't expect life with out him....but he is a flirt although says he loves me... and his flirting will not spoil our relationship.. i want to break off... but after being so close to someone.. having lost my virginity for him.. its not possible for me... Girls ... be aware.. never ever be in love....at least through web sites or especially Orkut.. i don't say the site makers are cheating.. but the people.. you never know....This episode has ruined my life...and am feeling guilty of being in love.....all girls .. just be aware might approach you ... he is very sober on mails... very gentle when talks.. you will not be able to stop yourself falling in love....he is too good when comes to convience....please girls be aware


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