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worst thing was that i was pregnant

I met my ex when i was around 11 years old(now im 16) we started going when i turned 13 it was good at first but then he got controlling he didnt want me to wear nothing that showed my body and because i loved him i did what he told me todo. on my 15th b-day he camed over my house with a big teddy bear and roses i was happy then we went over his house and all his friends were their he acted different around them not ignoring me but like grabing me n touching my body the way i didnt like it when we were alone he neva did that to me i ignored it then he took me to his room and layed me on the bed and started kissing me and putting his hands up my shirt and unbottoning my pants... i knew wat was gunna happen so i just let him he started getting mad cuz it wudnt go in so he forced it in it hurted alot and that was just my first time after a while he started going slow and making love to me whispering in my ears that he loved me an hour later we are still having sex then one of his friends camed in that room and caught us i was enbaressed since i was naked and the lights were on we stopped after that night things changed he was being nicer and not being disrespectful a week later he tells me he had been cheating on me i didnt know what to say i cried for about a week and the worst thing was that i was pregnant he called me and asked me to take him back so i did and told him i was having a baby and he was the father i thoght he was gunna get mad but he didnt he was happy and so was i until today we are still together and he hasnt been cheating on me so we're happy


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