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the winter of my discontent

He was beautiful - long, lean, and limber. That's my hot Latino lover. We had a month-long affair last summer, frenzied and oh so passionate. Sadly, it came to an abrupt end when he had to leave town. It's been two months since he left, but i still have this 'fire in my belly' whenever i think of him. I mean, i'm the sort of girl who moves on pretty quickly after a relationship. For me, it's 'out of sight, out of mind.' But this particular guy? I've been having a helluva hard time trying to get over him.

And did i mention the 14-year age gap? He was 22, and i was... go do the math. We met at work and we hit it off right away. There was mild flirtation from the start, but we managed to keep things under control... for a while, at least. Then things got pretty heated up and the flirting quickly progressed to french kissing to making out in the pool to checking in at a 3-star hotel in the course of a week.

Things happened too soon, too fast i know. But sex and physical attraction are not the only reasons we were drawn to each other. Inspite of the age difference, we connected... at a deeper level. We told each other things that we've never told our closest friends. In that one month, we shared secrets, laughs, tears, even dreams. I don't think i've ever had such connection with any of my long-term ex's. Plus, he was the only straight guy i knew who honestly liked "Brokeback Mountain", and was man enough to admit it.

But as the song goes, all good things never last. I knew he had to leave, but not THAT soon. We made no promises, except that we'd remain friends. I was pretty cool about it, except that on our last night together, i wanted to throw myself at him, emotionally blackmail him, tie him and lock him up, anything so he won't leave just yet... But he didn't want any kind of drama, so, what i did instead was hold him and hold onto him so tight bec. i felt like i was drowning... drowning in the pool of my own misery (that's my inner drama queen talking).

Well, we chat sometimes (no calls, that's one of our rules). But most of the time, i go to his Friendster and look at his pictures, most of them with his 19-yr old girlfriend of three years in his arms. Yep, i was the 'other woman' in the equation.

Summer was over, and so was my brief love affair. Winter's now approaching... the winter of my discontent (oops, can't help the cliche).


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