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We Fought a Lot - I Was Controlling

Now im sure this is just another sad breakup story to some of you, but for me this story is coming a couple hours after my girlfriend broke up with me, and its killing me so much right now. We went out for a year and a week or so. I moved away from her because my family was really screwed up. Then i moved back to albany, where we live and told her that i would come to her high school for my senior year and be there for her because she needed me.

The last week or so we had a crappy time. Fights and arguments were all that we had. Today she talked to our counselor at school about us. After the meeting i met up with her during break. I took her around the corner and we talked about what was wrong. She started to get tears as she told me that she is not happy with our relationship anymore and that she needs her space. She said i was being too controlling and she felt like she didnt have any freedom. Well in some instances she was correct, i could get that way its only cuz i loved her so much and only wanted to be with her. Then she left, gave me a hug and told me bye. Then i called my mom, told her to come pick me up from school. Immediatley i went to my bed and balled my eyes out for hours. Then i went over to her house to return her things to her mom.(Her mom was like my second mom) We talked and cried and that was it.

I had my heart broken from the one girl i have ever loved and i have no idea what to do. Do i tell her that i want to change for myself and her, i dont know. I pray to god that we get back together, i love her more than anything.


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