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She gets drunk

Now, I've always been mature since I was little, but maybe not as mature as I thought.
She was a little shy cute girl in my 8th grade math class. We looked and flirted. Over the summer I got the guts to ask her out on a date, then ask her to be my girlfriend. Was that exciting, I was never happier than that day. The highlight of my life. Life was good, I made sure to make myself look extra good when I went out with you. Some time goes by and I knew it came time to kiss her, though being immature as I was, I never had a kiss. So I prepare myself mentally that Friday, boy was I nervous, but I'll do it for you. In the theaters I'm ready to kiss her, but shes incredibly angry. Just why she was angry I didn't know yet. I build the guts up to tell her I love her, which I was also planning on doing, in hopes she'd get happy. I say I love you, she says "Okay." What a dissapointment. We keep going and she tells me later she had done marijuana that morning for the first time. We talk it over she promises to never do something like that again, we get closer than ever. That week we go out to the movies again and we stop in the middle of the street and she says "Kiss me.", I stutter nevously and she kisses my still moving lips. I feel like an idiot but I play it off and manage to get a second and third kiss before the night ended. After a month of fooling around in department stores and in the park, we make out for the first time in my room on my bed. Time goes by and all is well. Then, one day I see the poster for free condoms at my school, for fun, me and my friends get some, toss them around and joke. I bring three home to you while picking you up from your house. You freak out. But when we get into my room, things change. You want to have sex. Now being three months in and newly 14 years old, you'd think this is early, I think so too. After all the big talk, after I'm ready to take off my pants (I was extremely nervous and shy), you chicken out from seeing it. (Now I have to admit that I have seen her in only her bra and thong before this, and I have fingered her after some jokes and bets, funny stories, though I have never seen her naked nor her private parts). The next day, we try again, though this time we get far, though, I can't seem to get my penis in, as funny as it seems. I take her home laughing about us being half-virgins. The next day was different. We have sex. It was quite amazing (thanks to me, duh, hehe). She says how thirsty she is, thankfully there was no blood. School starts and we start a cycle of sex, cutting school, and lies. All spawns of her ideas. I fail nearly every class my freshman year of high school. You start to abuse me, insult me, things are going downhill. When we're with your friends you act different, you change. You push me away like I'm a small pest. Then more recently you make a promises after talks of you partying with your friends. I make you promise that you wouldn't get drunk without me. You promise, you swear. Sometime later, you say you're going out with your friend for a walk, well thats funny, why go out for a walk? So I call you up before you were to meet up with him. You deny telling me where you are or what you're doing. You hang up. You don't pick up for the next four hours. I play it off, go work on handball, relax. I head home and its six and you're still walking? I call you and you don't pick up. I get suspicious. So I contact everyone I know that knows you. And I IM your friend. He writes back something like "hEY its (name of person I despise) we R HERe gettin drunK! me and (my girlfriend) and (friend)(friend) are getting drunk and f*CKing liKe craZy!" I get more mad than I've ever been in my entire life. I rush to my bike and speed around until I get a call from her drunk, telling me to go get her. I rush to where she is, jump off my speeding bike, fall and roll and the floor. I scream, yell, throw things around, yet... Yet I take her back to my house. My mother finds out shes drunk outside and she takes her in to take care of her. I hated her then, but she promised to never do this again and if I still didn't trust her, I could go out with her if I wanted, until she had gained my trust. I figure fine, lets make up. I lay and comfort her again. She breaks that promise, sneaking out numerous times. Lying to me. Even getting drunk one more time and kissing two guys. I take her back, more painfully each time. Now she can't keep the simplest promises, don't hang up on me, don't ignore me, don't insult me, don't lie to me. Why must I force you to promise these things? Why can't you do them because you love me. Its just too much for me to take sometimes, simply sobbing to songs. I'm a sophomore in high school now and 15 years old and now we're over, it hasn't been long since we broke. But I wonder how long until I take you back again. Man love is confusing for a kid like me. Seems I still have a lot of growing up to do before I can learn to fully break such bonds, no matter the pain I feel and have felt.
Thanks for reading my story. :)
Good luck to you all.


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