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He still has my heart

He still has my heart

We'd known who each other were for a while but weren't friends so never excahned more than to sentences to each other in our lives.Something you shud no before i go on is that we were both at college so saw each other everyday and still do, that in itself kills me inside.Neway back to the story. I'd noticed him around an thought he was rather attractive but thought nuthing of it, that was until i started going out with a friend of his and began to talk and get to know each other.Still i thought none of it. I broke up with his friend becuase he wasn't the guy for me, i'd had quite a few boyfriends in the last few months becuase i suppose i was lookin to replace a boy who i had fell in love with but had still not found neone to fit the bill. I have alot of friends that are boys so decided to go out with them one saturday for a drink and such like, the attractive guy happened to be there, we got along nicely and i started to get feelings for him, and he started cumin round for me an we wood go out walkin around where we lived just chatting and havin fun, just friends i thought as i didnt think i had a chance. then my friend told me a gy i had previously dated liked me an we were kinda forced into goin out luckily we didnt, and latre the same day i herd that my attractive boy liked me, i eventually admitted i had strong feeling for him too.things form there went like a fairytale he asked me out and things went nicely for a while but i started gettin paranoid thinkin i wasnt gud enuff and that he wud cheat on me.i supose i was a full on sumtimes but i love him an he loved me. A while down the line we went thru a ruff patch and i coodnt cope with it as im no gud with telling people how i feel an i sed to him ' u dont like me nemore do u?' and he 'i dont no' in my book this wasnt gud enuff so i broke up with him. N


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