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im korean. my ex is american soldier

i really need help.
im korean. my ex is american soldier.
we met last Jan.
his best friend and my best friend get marry soon.
when we meet first, he said he like me and asked me i have a boyfriend.
i said yes. and then, i didnt like him.
On May, he said to me he likes me.
and he said if he dont have to leave korea, we can going out.
i thought about that for a month.
one month later,on Jun, i told i wanna be his girlfriend and we are going out, but we were very careful coz he have to leave korea on Dec.
we absolutely know our situation.
but i coulnt stop loving him.
On eariler Aug, we fighted. coz i was confusing about hes leaving soon. we fighted about that.
after then, i apologized him, he accepted.
On Nov 2, 1 week ago, i broke up with him.
coz his friend told me, he was going out with a another girl on earlier Aug for 1 or 2weeks.
he said my ex slept with her one time.
i shocked, i called my ex how did he do that?
he said he thought it was good way to break up with me.
coz he was confusing about hes leaving soon.
he said he couldnt break up with me, so broke up with another girlfriend.
he gave me cross necklace On Jun, that was he kept for 8 years.
i asked him why did he give me a cross necklace? was it all fake? i thought you love me.
he said he would not take it back from me.
and he said it will protect me.
actually, i tried to propose him when we broke up day before i know about another girl.
now, i dont know how to do. what to do.
i made his present for him for 3months.
i wrote diary for 3 months to give him.
i really love him.
i asked him when i find out he had another girl friend,
he still like her.
he said yes. and he told me he likes me too.
im confusing. how this guy likes two girls at that same time?
is this american going out culture?
i cant understand. never.
i told him how did you say like that?
he said you wanna know truth.
i cant say anything.
i was very angry, so i told him
"after you leave korea, never come to korea again. and ill never forgive you. never.
i really loved you. you are such a whore. i hate you."
he didnt say anything.
plz help me.
i still love him more than myself.
hes leaving soon. one month later.
i cant stop crying.
he sent a email, he will tell me when we can meet.
well meet, and talk to each other face to face.
i still wanna marry him. i dont wanna lose him.
he was first boyfriend who make me happy.
if i lose him, ill regret forever.
his army service is end 2 months later,
a few months ago, we talked about marriage, he told me he cant support me.
coz he has no job, no house.
but i can support him.coz i gathered money to buy house. he doesnt know about that.
i dont know what to do.
plz help me.
i think i cant live without him.

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