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I met him at my last job. My friend really liked him but never attempted nothing. I really never talked to him. It was just a hi and bye thing. I had to quit my job because I had to go back to school. My friend told me to give him her phone number so I told him "hey i need to talk to you about something personal" and he was suprised since we never really talked. So i told him my friend really likes you and would like if u called her sometime. So he was like wats well wats her number. I didn't have my phone at the time so I told him "why don't you give me your number and i'll text u later with her number" so he was like "yea sure". So later that day we got off work and I text him with her number. He called me and told me that he didn't want to talk to her he wanted to get to know me better. So that day we talked for like 5 hours yes 5 hours just on da phone. So he asked me out that night and I thought he was just messin with me so i said yea. The next day he called me and we talked he told me that ever since he had met me he liked me. I was like yea wat a liar all man say da same shit. So i played along with him for a while and i started falling for him. I got to the point dat i said dis is the man of my life and i had only known him for 2 months. Since i was serious about him I decided to tell my mom and she took it bad because he was too old for me. She told me that all he wanted wat to mess around with me. I am 16 and he is 23 she thought it was too much of a diffrence. I never really paid attention to that because i knew in my heart i really liked him alot. So one day I got into an arguement with my mom because she wouldn't let me see him and at nite i tried to sneak out of my house but i never noticed that she was still awake and she came into the room and caught me. She asked for my cell phone and I lied 2 her and told her it was in da car. She asked me to go get it so i went outside and as soon as i got outside i ran off to a near by store my boyfriend was watin for me because we were suppose 2 meet up. I was already in my pjs and i was just crying telling him i didn't wanna go back home. So he asked to go with him and I did. I called my friend and told her wat had happend and i told her to call my dad and tell him not to worry about me. They wouldn't stop calling me to my cellphone and leaving text messages and voice messages. They didn't want to get my boyfriend in trouble so they didn't call the cops. I lived with him for the 2 months of summer vacation and thats when i realized that i wasn't ready for that. I want to be someone in my life. So the 1st day of school I came back home and my parents talked 2 my boyfriend. My dad asked me if i was ready for marriage and i said no. I told them " I want to apologize for all I did and I really wanna payback by doing something with my life and make u proud" my parents love me so much and accepted my apology and they were so happy with me bein back. First a lot of rumours would go around of me being pregnant and wat not and my mom would feel bad. I kind of lied to her and promised her that I never did nothing with him. I know she doesn't believe me but I love her to much to actually tell her everything that happend. Well to end this story Love is not all there is we got to live our life and try to accomplish most of our dreams if possible. God put us here for a reason and that reason was to live and be someone and when we have are lifes build up thats when love matters.


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