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The Psycho Stalker

she is crazy!!

well where to begin? i will try and keep this short......i met a girl and we hit it off i was going through some stuff at the time with my ex so i wanted to take things slow that's why i wanted to get to know her talk on the phone date that kind of stuff. well i should have known after our first phone conversation, that i should have ran cause after we talked and were ready to hang up i said "okay talk to later" and she said "okay I LOVE YOU" when i didn't reply she just said "don't worry you don't have to say it back i just want you to know that i love you" so with that i was a little uneasy she told me it was cool and just to relax.

well another week past and we were talking more saw each other and so forth than all of a sudden all broke loose. i called her one evening to talk see how she was doing she start crying screaming telling me i am cheating and all these crazy things i assured her that she was jumping to conclusions and she calms down. i figured that was the end of it so it was late i tell her go and sleep for the night

then i get a call at 3am and another at 4am and another 5am all hang up's until finally i hit the call back button and it was her calling me to see if i was home and in bed. things just got worse so with all the crazy calls and crazy assumptions i knew i couldn't do this anymore so i called to break up with her and then right there on the phone she tells me she loves me and that she wants me to be the father of her children and if we break up she will cut her wrist and kill herself. after telling me she was going to kill herself i couldn't go through with it. so i didn't. i didn't want to have that kind of stuff on me i mean knowing that she caused harm to herself cause of me.

so she dragged me on for 2 months through all the phone calls at all times of the night calling me at work to make sure i was there and the cutting of her wrist whenever she pleased, getting drunk, doing drugs and telling me that if i wasn't with her she would kill herself and even wrote me a suicide letter. i couldn't do anything with out thinking she would harm herself cause of me.

finally with a lot of help from my friends i broke it off then she turned into my stalker. so i changed my number and moved and well she found someone else to torture so she stopped thinking of me. but man every so often i guess she remembers me and calls me to tell me she loves me i don't pick up but she leaves a message.


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