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My ex is a druggie and it drove me insane. i met him in jr high and something about a "bad boy" really did it i guess because we had an on and off *thing* for bout 3 years before we actually dated. When he asked me out i had just broken up with my boyfriend of 6 months 2 days later and i said no to give it time, then he asked me out about a week and a half later and i said yes and things were just in general very awkward. i cared for him alot but it seemed like all he cared about was skateboarding and getting stoned but whenever my friends would try to set me straight i would defend him. i felt like if i gave him any crap about what he was doing i would push him away so i never said anything about his drug use and i never complained about never seeing him so things always felt distant. i dont konw why i was so completely hooked but i fell in love with him and for some reason i believed him when he said he felt the same way. one day he just randomly broke up with me in an online text and said that it just didnt feel like we were "together". i was so broken up i couldnt eat or hardly sleep for 3 days. a week or so later he said that he really cared about me but was just too busy what with his skateboarding career getting hot during the summer and that we could date again when school started back up. i dont know why i was crazy enough to say yes again. one of the days when we werent dating he got really high and i guess went skitzo or something and his depression came back and i was so afraid he was going to kill himself or something else stupid. he doesnt even realized how much he put me through on days like that. the months after we started going back out went from awkardly trying to start over to amazing. the sunday before homecoming week we had a great day together down by the creek and the park but when i got to school the next day he never came by or talked to me at lunch or walked me of any of my classes. same thing with the next day and the next day and i didnt understand why. of course it was obvious that he in a way broke up with me but the little slime ball didnt have the guts to actually come out with it and tell me. the few times i actually talked to him he said he was just tired and didnt hang out with me at school is he just went to his classes instead of going out of the way, but that he still wanted to go to homecoming with me [for some reason i dont know bc it was only miserable] he didnt come for pictures and our pictures that his mom took with a disposable camera were in front of a brick wall and trash bins. he didnt come to dinner and i had to meet him in the parking lot. all he would say is "this is bullshit i dont want to be here" over and over so once we got inside i ditched him and went to have fun with my friends. every time i saw him i would feel incredible hurt or mad all of a sudden it didnt matter who i was with. 2 months later i started dating a boy [who im still with, and it will be 1 year on thursday] and he helped alot because he was such a good guy and i always had so much fun with him i wouldnt think about my ex. now and then my ex would randomly leave me a message online and either have a half ass conversation in which he would randomly just leave and stop talking [story of our relationship] or itd be pretty meaningful in which he would say things that made it sound like he still had feelings for me. he has said that he was stupid for breaking up with me and that i was the only one he felt like he could trust and not too long ago he said he misses us being together! i swear this boy is like a period, he comes around about once a month and leaves me thinking about him for a week or so. i found out that the weekend we spend together before he "broke up" with me he had smoked an ounce of weed. i dont even know what was real and what wasnt in our relationship but for some reason he was my first love whether he deserved it or not.

on the bright side the boy that has helped me through all of this is the most amazing guy i could ever imagine having and i can honestly say that i am completely in love with him :]


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