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in front of our house there is a court there

in front of our house there is a court there..
for it is summer,people der used to play basketball..
one yt,it was so happened dat i was going to my tita's house.. i need to cross to d basketball court to reach her house..
mothet asked me to run.
as i passed by i incidentally bump a guy.
wen i looked at his face i was so shocked.(not showing it)
he looks smart and nice. he is tall. the first thing i knew was that i like him.
i tell it wid my cousins..
from then on they usually tease me from dat guy..
until dat guy tell me his name.
we've shared d problems,sweet memories and happiness in our lives.
one rainy day i was sitting beside him,,he put his hand on my shoulders saying dat i am d most beautiful gurl.
he took my hands and promise me dat he would be d sweetest person..

after dis event,another event happend..
he went in our house..
and he doesnt want to leave beside me..
i realy appreciate him..

i told him dat i would like to be his friend..
and den he replied dat "if i would like to be his friend,i dont have d ryt to be shy nor to snob him everytym he will call me.."
and den i gave him a letter saying dat "i cant even talked to you...i am shy either"

without my knowlej,
he used to tell his frens about dat letter..
i am so insulted...,,

one nyt his fren tell me dat, dat guy was fell inlove wid me and wanna hear the sweetest answer from me..

i didnt accpt it and stay away from him..
coz i taught dat i can easily relieve d pain inside..

"sweet summer makes me cry"


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