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i cant even fall for anybody else

how foolish am i..
i was so inlovd wid my closest frend,,but dat tym he has his gurlfrend,,,i cant even pretend dat i am not caring for him...cant even hide d feelings i hav for him..i dont know dat he has a feelings for me too...
last day of our classes,,he decided to broke up wid his gurl..i was too nervous thinking dat his gurl might get angry wid me..
i taught i can just ignore d feeling i felt inside,,
but i was so wrong...pretending to be happi isn't easy..
during our summer,we hav our training..he always do d same thing as a boyfrend did,,
he gave me a buk,,containing spongebob's pictures..
it was my favorite..
i taught he was d first and d last guy hu i can live wid..
days,months passed by..
my feelings cant hide anymore..
it was so obvious...
23rd day of august..
he heard d sweetest word which is "yes"...
thinking dat we were d happiest partner..
but one day..
i invtd him for a "gala" wid my frends..
he declind it ,,i acceptd dat he cant go wid me knowing dat he is busy..
but den i discverd dat he was wid his classmate...
i was so insulted..
i was so happened dat i am already pissed of our relaxonship so i deciided to broke up wid him..

,,,,,,after dis ..i cant even fall for anybody else...


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