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Alrite well i will share mii story with yall to of you that are heartbroken....to all those girls that gave everything just to get heartbroken. Well i met my ex lets call him....F*...i met him like 2 years ago...we started talking...n i broke up with dis sweet boy to go out with F*.You see i felt sumthing really strong already for F*..i didnt even kno him that good all i knew was that he was funny n sweet n i all i thought abt was him...all i want in a guy is for him 2 b funny n sweet n hes was sooo of course i fell in true love. We started goin out and i told him sumthing really deep in mii life arnd (3months)...well like tha 5mnth he cheated on me...yea i cudnt believe mii world came down...i cudnt believe i had trusted him (cus i dnt trust n*e 1)...i felt betrayed yea everthing yall kno if youve ever been cheated on..well tha thing is he cheated on me with like more than 2 grls he said it was only 2 but i kno there was more. Well i broke up with him and he started goin out w/ sum grl lke 3days later...(yea he supposably loved me)..well we kept talking..n tat grl broke up w/ him n den he asked me back out...of course i said yes...we made it 1 year and then i broke up with him lke 3 more times becus of trust issues n lies he told me..but i loved him n took him back everytime..well dis last time is for good...i had thought about braking up with him for lke 2 weeks..i wasnt sure..cus i do love him..well i went 1 day on his myspace n he had a heart w/ another grls name in it ..i confronted him of course he made up sum story..n i broke up with him..i talked 2 him 4 lke a week n den he told me he was going out w/ dis grl 4 lke 2days..i found tha grl n asked her how long they had been going out..cus i had a feeling it was tha grl frm tha heart...well it was n yall wana kno wat she said ..(a month) i was lke oh hell no...cus i had jus broken up w/ him lke a week ago...yea soo he cheated on me after tha first time he really made me belive he wudnt again...but i always had tat feeling...well i dont talk 2 him no more and yes i do love him i cud tell tha whole world..i do i love him after he treated me lke crap n doesnt care abt me n doesnt love me..i do really love him...he still w/ tat grl n i kno they already ****** n it breaks my heart...i found new guys i havent said yes 2 N*e of dem i guess im jus stuk on him..well i do lke this 1 guy but am soo scared of being hurt..soo yea dis is tha story abt mii ex....to all those of yall that have been cheated on or r going through sumthing lke dis all i can say is THAT IF HE/SHE CHEATS ON YOU 1 TIME THEY DONT DONT DONT DESEVER ANOTHER CHANCE.... yea i kno everyone needs a 2nd chance BUT NOT WEN IT COMES 2 CHEATING TRUST ME MORE DEN LIKELY THEY WILL DO IT AGAIN....you need to be strong cus if ur not tat shows tat ur weak...dont take them back why does she/him deserve another chance to be with u after all you have given them ..its not rite and they can be as sorry as they want but if u take them back ur not wasteing there time YOUR WASTEING YOURS...dont let yourself get hurt*


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