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her stuff had been moved in

A few weeks ago I suspected my live-in bf of 3 years of cheating so I confronted him. He said he wanted to see other people, so I said "fine" and we broke up. That's the first time in 3 years he ever indicated to me that he wasn't happy.

4 hours later he comes back and begs me to give it another shot. I was leery, but I said "OK, but no seeing other people." He agreed.

5 days later, he left for a business trip. That's the last time I saw him. He turned off his phone when he left and went immediately to another woman's house 150 miles away.

I finally had to file a missing person's report to get him to call me. He told me where he was and I told him I was moving out.

He went to meet his new woman in the hopes that by the time he decided to come home, I would be gone and he wouldn't have to see me cry or break up with me. On top of that, he called me the next day and ordered me and my belongings to be out of the condo because he's bringing his new gf home with him. So I got to move my stuff out while her stuff had been moved in.


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