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my jerk ex boyfriend

I met my ex I'll call him M* when i was 12 years old. we started dating when i was 13. he was my first boyfriend and sadly the only boyfriend ive ever had. and now im 18. and boy was i stupid. we dated for four months...then he broke up with me for another girl. [now looking back i realize how incredibly stupid i was.] during the four months we dated he never called me but once which was only on Valentines Day, to ask me if he could drop off my gift. Fast forward here..he started talking to me again when i was 16..we ended up dating for like 5 days...and then i broke up with him because he was being a jerk. during the 5 day thing, i told him he wouldnt care if i got ran over in the road, which i guess he thought it was funny, seeing as how he laughed at that. [nice huh?] He also left me sitting in church by myself one day. The preacher was preaching and he just got up and left me sitting by myself. So i just got up and left. I called him that day and asked him why would he do that to his girlfriend... which he said he had to go to the bathroom..but still he could have at least tapped me on the shoulder or something and let me know where he was going instead of just leaving me there by myself. but anyways then when i had called him that day, he told me "i dont know if you want to hear this or not, but i love you." and stupid me..what did i say back..i said "i love you too."
then he also told me that if he were older he would date my sister. then i told him one time i was going to sit in the balcony at church and he was like "oh so you want me to sit with you.?" i was like well hello ur my bf...and then another time he was like "ohh so you want me to talk to you?" I said "No M* i just want you to sit there and twiddle your thumbs at me. " thennn after that 5 day thing was over...we didnt talk for quite a while and then we started talking again ...and then we started going out again. but then the same day we got back together, i got to church that night and he told me that he didnt think we should go out anymore bc i was grounded at the time and that he would wait for me until january when i would get ungrounded...then he ended up ignoring me for 4 months....then he started talking to me again...and we would have gone out a fourth time, but thankfully i finally got smart and realized he didnt care about me. So one day, we were at a church function at the bowling alley, and i went up to talk to him, and he was with his friends, and he walked away from me, and then his brother was saying that i deserve better and blah blah...and then M* my ex talked to me for like 5 mins after that...and then i of course was pissed seeing as how he just walked away from me....so i just walked off and went back to bowling. Then the very next day he called me to ask if i was still mad at him...which hello duh i was. then later on i think maybe the day after, i was so fed up with him i finally told him on the phone..i said "M* im done with this. he said what? i said "im done with this. im done with talking to you. im done with you. i said "you can just find someone else to play your little games with. You always treat me like crap and i dont deserve it. i said "ugh im so sick of this." and after i said all of that, there was dead silence on the phone.And God did it feel good to tell him all of that. i felt so free after that. ha. Anyways, then we didnt talk for about 2 years....and then randomly 2 months ago, M* called me...and we talked...but it was funny because at first i didnt really say much which he knew i didnt wanna talk to him. and then the last thing he said to me was "Fine, i wont ever talk to you again." [so immature.] i was like whatever. and stupid me..what did i do...i found him on myspace and facebook and added him to my friends list. Anyways, to this day i still care about him, and it still pisses me off. i just wish things could have turned out differently for us. i just wish he would have cared about me. but i know now he will never change. and no matter how much i care about him, ive promised myself i will never go back to him. soo thats all. thats my lovely story about my jerk ex boyfriend. sorry its so long.


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