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It was so painful, so insulting

I fell in love with someone who did not love me. He acted as if he was in love with me, but in his heart, he was not. I have never been with someone and felt as I did with him, and it not be mutual. It is very strange and really shatters my faith in meeting a great guy.

At 3 months, he told me that he was not in love with me. He blurted it out one night after I had screamed at him for disrespecting me at a banquet, acting as if I were not his girlfriend, not introducing me, etc...very immature.

My mistake was to talk to him the next morning. I didn't believe what he said because it was so random at the time. I should have never spoken to him and spared myself the pain that eventually came. He made up some excuse of why he blurted out what he did. Given the choice, I asked if he wanted to continue our relationship, being honest in my feelings for him and enjoying our relationship. He agreed to continue and said he was just scared of losing his independence and had not been in a serious relationship before. Well, I think that was bull, looking back now...but then, I thought he was expressing his feelings and honored his so called honesty...

For what ever reason, he did not love me, but I would have never known, for we spent nearly every day together, hanging out, enjoying each other's company as usual, having dinner together at his place, ......

One night, he acted strange with friends. He seemed cold towards me. I thought he was in a bad mood and didn't think much about it. Next night, we spent time together as usual. Then the night after, he got serious and said that he didn't want to be with me anymore, didn't see a future with me, wasn't in love with me, and didn't want to marry me. Talk about a hard break....I was speechless and numb to say the least. I just wanted to get away from him.

It was horrible, that night. It was so painful, so insulting. I had some rough days, but bounced back to health in the summer.

4 months later, I see him at a festival. I don't know what to do. We have mutual friends, whom I was hanging out with, and he shows up. I decide to have fun, as seeing him does not make me an emotional wreck. It just feels good to see him. It seems the feeling is mutual and he comes up to me. I am still very attracted to him. As the feeling is mutual. We hang out, dance, smooch, and he decides that he wants to take me home. We hook up and have a lot of fun, like old times. Well, I haven't spoken to him...nor heard from him since.

I still don't why he didn't love me. I will never know, which is very hard to accept, but I am doing my best to move on.


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